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Me, Madi, and Jordan
Myself (center) and RunWarm models Madi Serpico (left) and Jordan Bryden (right)

My name is Rebecca Gould, but everyone calls me Becca. I am currently a full time student at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I am also involved in Calgary’s running community and I have been involved as an athlete, volunteer, coach, employee, and track and field official since 2006. I also work part time at the Running Room in the Kensington area of the City of Calgary, which I have been doing since 2011.

Racing 2013 Edmonton Marathon 5k
Me after finishing the Edmonton Marathon 5K

As an athlete, I have competed in distances as short as 800m to as long as 5000m since 2006. I participate in track meets, cross country meets, and road races across Canada, more specifically in cities in my home province of Alberta.

My all-time personal bests for track and field are 4:49 (1500 metres - 2009) and 10:27 (3000 metres - 2009). My personal bests for indoor track and field are 4:53 (1500 metres - 2014) and 10:45 (3000 metres - 2014).

I currently train with the SAIT Trojans Athletic Club during cross-country season and with my track club UCAC during the indoor and outdoor seasons.

Two Cameras
Self-Portrait taken with my Canon Rebel T3 (the one in my right hand)

I was enrolled in both the University of Calgary's Computer Science and Visual Studies underg raduate programs from September 2011 until December 2012. After the semester of December 2012, I realized Computer Science and I were not on the same page in terms of creative interests.

In September 2013, I went back to school and started studying at SAIT Polytechnic in the New Media Production and Design program, which I am currently enrolled in to this day.

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